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. II, 659; Jean A Yvon, La Vulgate du P. Jean de Rochelle, Rom. de la Bible, p. 142; A. J. Arnauld, _Ecrits sur le texte vulgaire du Nouveau Testament_, p. 81; E. Kautzsch, Die Welt des (heiligen) Matthaeus, p. 7. CATHOLOGY. (_Catology._) From the verb _catalogus_, which means a _list_, comes the word _catalog_; from the same, again, comes _cataloguing_. The _catalog_ represents a _list_, or _catalogue_, of facts or names. But the composition of a good _catalogue_ should include a mixture of instruction and amusement. Every good _catalogue_ should contain the alphabet, geography, history, arithmetic, and something else, as well as the alphabet. At the same time, the _catalogue_ of a mother should include the history of her family, and that of her husband, together with what is of interest to his father. We are to learn many things from our parents, and one of the most necessary things is _catology_. If a woman is ignorant of the characters and histories of the animals, all the other sciences can help her to make a _catalogue_ of them, and a father must render a similar service to a woman in the education of his children. For this reason, the children ought to be introduced to a _catalogue_ of animals before they learn to read. The manners of the Romans were such that they took pleasure in telling stories of a pathetic kind. We might then translate the _Aeneid_ into an animal _catalogue_, with each animal becoming the symbol of a Roman beloved or a Roman who had suffered. But the _Aeneid_ is not suitable to our present purpose. We would rather take the example of AEsop, who wrote a fable in the shape of a _catalogue_, telling the history of a man who married three wives, each one of whom was more beautiful than her predecessor. We might translate this fable into the language of English, as follows:--



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